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ZCorum provides diagnostics and managed services, including diagnostics for DOCSIS and GPON, Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM), remote spectrum analysis, Set-top box diagnostics and TV analytics, device provisioning, hosted VoIP, subscriber email, and end-user support.

Diagnostics and Managed Services for Internet Service Providers

TruVizion DOCSIS & GPON Diagnostics

TruVizion Modem Diagnostics Screen

TruVizion offers broadband operators comprehensive data on the health of their network and CPE.TruVizion's real-time and historical information along with advanced mapping capabilities helps staff from multiple disciplines do their job better and more efficiently. 

"TruVizion is a Godsend for us. We're able to identify and resolve the root issues causing service problems at the subscriber level, and that has reduced our service calls tremendously. I was doing twenty to thirty calls a week before and now it's less than ten."

- Jeff Phillips, S. Breyer Cable  

SetTop VU Set-top Box Diagnostics and TV Analytics

SetTop VU STB Diagnostics Screen Shot

ZCorum's newest product, SetTop VU, displays key metrics from compatible set-top boxes in your network, helping you identify issues that could be causing a poor experience with your video service. You can see the status of the set top box, boot time, uptime, out-of-band SNR, frequency, power levels,DVR free space and MoCA network stats.

SetTop VU also displays the history of the SNR and parental controls on each tuned channel. And, you can get access to a separate TV Analytics portal to create audience segments based on the viewing behavior of your subscribers and anonymized demographic data. This allows you to target ads and negotiate programming agreements more effectively.

SpectraVizion Downstream Spectrum Monitoring

Downstream Spectrum Capture Screen Shot

SpectraVizion uses the full band capture capabilities in the CPE to display the downstream spectrum on a PC, tablet or Smartphone. SpectraVizion automatically identifies common downstream spectrum issues like Suck-outs, Roll-off, Tilt, Standing Waves, Adjacency, Resonant Peaking and FM Noise. 

You can see which devices are experiencing downstream issues and view a current or historical capture of that spectrum, allowing you to send the right technician to the right location the first time.

Upstream Spectrum Analyzer and Monitoring

Return Path Spectrum Capture Screen Shot

Upstream Analyzer displays the return path spectrum from your CMTS in real time from any location on any device. There's no expensive upstream spectrum analyzer or headend equipment to buy, and no cabling, splitters or connectors needed. All you need is your CMTS.

"I saw one modem that clearly had some ingress issues. I called the customer and asked him to tighten the connector on his modem, and watched the green Min Hold line on Upstream Analyzer dropped to the noise floor."
- Doyle Nelson, Cunningham Telephone and Cable

PreEqualization Analyzer DOCSIS PNM

Pre-eq DOCSIS PNM Screen Shot

You already know the value of diagnostics in keeping your network healthy. PreEqualization Analyzer is a DOCSIS proactive network maintenance (PNM) tool that will help you find and fix upstream impairments like Microreflections and Group Delay before they impact service for your subscribers.

"We never would have found that bad fitting had it not been for PreEqualization Analyzer. It pointed us right to the problem."

- Marty Carollo, Network Manager, Sweetwater Cable

End-user Technical Support Services

Logo for Outsourced 24HourSupport for ISPs

ZCorum's 24/7/365 End User Support service supports multiple broadband technologies, VoIP accounts, email, home networking, security suites, basic troubleshooting for video and telephone and more. We also take the time needed to resolve each call. Don't need us 24x7? We can also handle your after-hours and overflow calls, too.

"The communities we serve rely on us to provide them with the best possible customer service whenever they need it. We switched to ZCorum because of their longtime commitment to customer service and support."

-Will Bashlor, Manager of IP Services, Alma Telephone

Fully Managed Broadband Services

You can also get a bundle of managed services from ZCorum that includes CPE provisioning, email, TruVizion diagnostics, end-user support, network monitoring & engineering services. ZCorum provides operators of all sizes with a selection of back-office services and solutions that increase the ability to compete in today's rapidly changing environment.

"ZCorum offers a solution and a cost structure that is more manageable than other providers. In addition, they have a clear commitment to customer service and support."

- David Langout, President, Cableview Communications

A La Carte Products and Services

You can also purchase these managed services and products individually:
  • CPE Provisioning for Data and Voice devices
  • Hosted Email
  • Residential and Commercial VoIP
  • IPv4 Conservation and IPv6 Migration via Carrier Grade NAT (CGN)
  • Network Monitoring


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