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Phoenix Loss Control

We are Your Premier Investigative and Cost Recovery Team
Phoenix Loss Control
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Address: Littleton 80127, Colorado
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Good Things to Know

 Work for public utilities nationwide and specialize in 3rd party damage claim recovery
 Standard Work Product: Claims worked daily, invoices sent immediately, follow-up every 14 days
 Members of BBB and CGA (Common Ground Alliance for damage prevention)
 24/7 access to real time data and reports (broad or claim specific) by market
 Pricing and commission is charged to the damager and contingent on recovery.

Phoenix Loss Control (PLC) is the leader in the Utility Outside Property Damage Investigation and Recovery industry. We have been in business since April 2005 bringing with us over 45 years of experience in recovering repair costs for our clients. Our program is designed to be your program – Communication is Key. Phoenix Loss Control’s goal is to give time as well as recovery dollars back our client. We understand pricing is important. Our commission and fees are built into the invoice to the negligent party so you can recover as close to 100% of repair costs as possible. Phoenix offers robust and superior processes which are also priced competitively. Phoenix offers transparency in everything we do. We welcome the opportunity to do a walkthrough of our claims tracking database, mobile link, and more. Thank you for the opportunity!

 More damage claims reported 
Tech Rewards encourages more damage claim reporting. If you opt for this you will see more damages reported and improved quality. Phoenix offers an ease of reporting and an incentive to report.

 Custom and versatile database 
Feedback is important. If you see details that are missing or improvements you want made please let us know. Your company will have complete access to its damage cases via PLC Database.

 Mix it up! 
Choose when and where to dispatch Phoenix Investigators and/or use the Tech Rewards Program. Give incentive to the techs to report quality damages and take pictures on every damage.


 Complete claim detail e-mail confirmation 
As claims are reported using the Mobile Reporting System the repair tech and supervisors will receive an e-mailed plant damage report with claim confirmation. Reduce duplicating processes while allowing us to collect all information needed.

 Option to bill using estimates 
Claims may stale waiting for contractor invoices. Phoenix is prepared to bill off estimates if standard construction costs are provided

  Reduce operating costs 
Allows you more time to perform your duties, leaving the heavy investigation and recovery duties to the damage claim experts.

3rd Party Damage Claims

Phoenix will either dispatch an investigator, launch the tech rewards program, or you could choose to do a combination of both. Your repair techs would use the Phoenix Mobile Reporting System to report damages. The tech rewards program provides incentives to the techs to report all damages, take photos, and provide damager information. The Phoenix commission is built into the invoice making this a damager funded program.

Member Testimonial

Eagle Communications' Travis Kohlrus explains how Phoenix Loss Control helps them manage their repair costs for third-party cable cuts and other damages.

Want to learn more?

In this short interview video, William Rush, President of Phoenix Loss Control, explains how their company helps NCTC members with damage recovery work.

For more information about how Phoenix Loss Control can help your operation, contact
Mitch Harper, Sales / Implementation Manager
(303) 263-3036

Brochure:  Phoenix Loss Control Overview

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