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Infrastructure Solutions

PerfectVision strives to consistently improve the way we do business. With the development of new products to improving existing technologies, design processes to marketing; our goal is to increase efficiencies, safety, and profits for our customers.

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Key Capabilities

  • PerfectVision has six domestic and three international warehouses with over a half million square feet of dry storage. Every day we send over 1,000 separate shipments with 99.9% accuracy. We deliver 90% of orders the next day in the U.S. We ship over 150 containers per month from overseas and over 2 billion feet of coaxial cable annually.
    Learn About Our Facilites
    • We use three Cabling manufacturing facilities. All of PerfectVision plants are ISO 9001:2008 certified, which ensures our quality processes conform to or exceed industry standards for customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Our raw materials are inspected for quality assurance by careful selection of all our vendors. See Our Standards and Certifications


    • Through our fulfillment & installation services team we provide our customers with a full suite of support including forward and reverse logistics and complete inventory management and warehousing. See Our Fulfillment Solutions


  • Complete production, rack and stack integration services with an experienced production facility and fully trained and certified technicians. Our technicians build and ship over a thousand Headend systems a year, providing tech support during installation, including operational and troubleshooting resolution to ensure your system functions properly. Rack and Stack Solutions


We carry over 10,000 products including patented products in over 100 million homes and throughout the infrastructure footprint nationwide along with distributing over 350 of the industry's top brands and products. Perfect Vision Products

  • Manufactured Products
  • Solutions that deliver the speed, reliability, efficiency, and quality you need to operate profitably long term.
  • Superior materials and quality built into every component and solution we sell.
  • The expertise to customize solutions that make sense to both your schedule and your budget, helping you stay ahead of the technology curve and the competition.
  • In house Engineering dedicated to the design and performance of our coaxial cable, connectors, tools to surpass the needs and expectations of our customers. PerfectVision applies superior testing across all of our product lines. From prototype to production, our team takes the extra steps necessary to ensure that our products can stand up to environmental exposure, mechanical, electrical, and RF testing, and our own unmatched quality requirements.
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