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Best-of-Suite Customer Management, Billing and Service Delivery for Broadband
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GLDS offers postpaid and prepaid management of both subscription and transaction-based billing. We manage flow-through service delivery for voice, video and Internet including FTTH, IPTV, OTT, Digital, and VOD, as well as third party Voice and Internet.

GLDS provides all the features you’d expect, like payment processing, workforce management, and multi-touch customer self-care, all while keeping costs low, and value high.

GLDS has installed software for more than 800 broadband service providers in 49 U.S. states and 47 countries worldwide, offering "tier-one" features at significantly lower prices.

  • Customer Management, Billing & Provisioning
  • Cloud-based or Stand-Alone solutions
  • Vu-It Integration (2-way)
  • WTVE Authentication
  • Workforce Management including Android App
  • Customer Self-Care and online Self-Subscribe Market
  • Customer Risk Management
  • Outage Management

Find out for yourself why operators choose GLDS more than any other comparable provider. Visit GLDS at, email us at or call us 800.882.7950.