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A global market leader of mobile transport, fixed access and enterprise networking solutions based in America.
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Product Portfolio

DZS Offers an extensive portfolio of platforms and software solutions designed to address the changing telecom and datacom fiber marketplace:

Our broadband access products are at the core of our product strategy and offer a variety of options for carriers and service providers to connect residential and business customers. DZS is focused on leading interoperability and ultra-high-speed access for the next generation broadband access deployments by taking advantage of network disaggregation and virtualization techniques through and with a robust ecosystem of partners that enable service providers to achieve a healthy sustainable business model motivated by:

  • Ultra High-Speed Internet Access for Everyone
  • Reduction of Total Cost of Ownership
  • Freedom of Choice™ with broader open industry interoperability via standards
  • Network automation and low-maintenance operations
  • Graceful and coexistence with low risk-phased migration
  • New Service Agility and improved time to market with increased ARPU

NCTC members can count on DZS to always drive towards open technical solutions based on cloud networking, SDN, NFV architectures.

Broadband Access Solutions

Our broadband access products are at the core of our product strategy and offer a variety of options for carriers and service providers to connect residential and business customers. Our solutions allow carriers and service providers to either use high- speed fiber or leverage their existing deployed copper networks to offer broadband services to customer premises. Once our broadband access products are deployed, the service provider can offer voice, high-definition and ultra-high-definition video, high-speed internet access, and business-class services to their customers. We develop our broadband access products for all aspects of carrier and service provider access networks: customer premise equipment.

The DZS Broadband Access solutions include …

  • Passive Optical Network (GPON / GEPON / XGPON1 / XGSPON / NGPON2 / 10GEPON)
  • Active Ethernet (1G / 10G / 40G)
  • Digital Subscriber Line (xDSL, Gfast)

Network Ethernet-MPLS Switching

Our Ethernet switching products provide a high switching performance and manageable solution that bridges the gap from carrier access technologies to the core network. Over the past ten (10) years, carriers have migrated access infrastructure to Ethernet from time-division multiplexing and asynchronous transfer mode systems. Our products can also be deployed in data centers, blurring the line between the central office and the data center. Our products support pure Ethernet switching as well as layer 3 IP and multiprotocol label switching (“MPLS”) and are currently being developed as part of the new programmable SDNs networks.

Mobile Fronthaul and Backhaul

Our mobile backhaul products provide a robust, manageable, and scalable solution for mobile operators that enable them to upgrade their mobile backhaul systems and migrate from 5G networks and beyond. We provide our mobile backhaul products to mobile operators or carriers who provide transport for mobile operators. Our mobile backhaul products may be co-located at the radio access node base station and can aggregate multiple radio access node base stations into a single backhaul for delivery of mobile traffic to the radio access node network controller. We provide standard Ethernet/IP or MPLS interfaces and interoperate with other vendors in these networks. In recent years, mobile backhaul networks have been providing carriers with significant revenue growth, which has led to mobile backhaul becoming one of the most important parts of their networks.

Managed Enterprise Passive Optical LAN

Our FiberLAN™ portfolio of POL products are designed for enterprise, campus, hospitality, and entertainment arena usage. Our portfolio includes high-performance, high-bandwidth switches connected to port extenders, which include units with integrated Power over Ethernet (“PoE”) to power a wide range of PoE-enabled access devices.

Our environmentally friendly FiberLAN™ POL solutions are one of the most cost-effective LAN technologies that can be deployed, allowing IT network managers to deploy a future-proof, low-maintenance, manageable solution that requires less space, air conditioning, copper, and electricity than other alternatives.

The FiberLAN™ portfolio is focused on a “plug and play” architecture for a new generation of distributed enterprise IT infrastructure that is both highly secure and bandwidth scalable with unified management of wireless and wireline end-points/devices from a central network operations center with full visibility and management control of remote sites. Additionally, with SDN upgrades enterprise networks can be software programmed to autonomously monitor, reconfigure, diagnose, and authenticate without the need for human intervention.

Software-Defined Networks

Our SDN/NFV strategy is to develop tools and building blocks that will allow customers to migrate their network’s full complement of legacy control plane and data plane devices to a centralized intelligent controller that can reconfigure the services of hundreds of network elements in real-time for a more controlled and efficient provision of services and bandwidth on a web-scale basis. The latest evolution of our hardware-based solution is designed to support SDN/NFV architectures.

The adoption of SDN/NFV is a slow process in the service provider space but is viewed as providing a better service for subscribers and more efficient and cost-effective use of hardware resources for service providers. We will leverage our broadband access, mobile backhaul, and Ethernet switching expertise to extract and virtualize many of the traditional legacy control and data plane functions to allow them to be run from the Cloud.

Product Overview and Value:

Product and Design Superiority

The DZS MXF-F OLT platform supports an industry first @ASAP™ - Any Service Any PON solution which allows the service operator to seamlessly implement any fiber-based service using a single set of cards and ports.

Our MXK-F is complemented by our extensive set of ONT options and the integration with our acclaimed 5G Front/Back haul solution which is being deployed in advanced markets such as Korea and Japan.

MXK-F OLT Overview

With network deployments around the world, DZS’ solutions are designed to meet the constraints and requirements of the harshest and most demanding environments in the industry.

DZS’s MXK-F OLT series is best in the class for high-capacity, scalable, fiber-optimized aggregation platform.

  • Highest port and subscriber density per port/card in the market, up to 4096 PON subscribers per service slot.
  • Carrier-class reliability with multiple redundant components
  • Uplink options to match all current metro ethernet connectivity needs and service usages (10GE/40GE and 100GE).
  • High-density cards, offering any port / any PON (GPON/XGSPON) connectivity
  • Terabit switching capacity plus QoS for the new broadband optical access networks
  • Future proof access for any Fiber connection from 1GbE, 10GbE, 2.5GPON, NGPON and 25/100GbE

The MXK-F now supports the @ASAP™ - Any Service Any PON “Combo” card which allows Telefonica to deploy any PON technology (10XGSPON, GPON, 10GE, 1GE) using the same card/electronics and also to take advantage of the recently introduced “combo” SFPs that enable providing GPON + XGSPON simultaneously without the need of an external coexistence element.

The 16 ports Any PON card supports up to 4096 concurrent subscribers when configured in combo mode. The card includes 2 100GE ethernet ports for direct uplink for increased offloading capacity and to future prof the access network.

Future proof dOLT solution

DZS also has a disaggregated OLT solution (dOLT) V8202I series. The 2U high V8202I chassis along with the @ASAP™ - Any Service Any PON “Combo” card (same card used on the MXK-F 1419) allows service providers to implement a dOLT solution with a smaller footprint to match the granular needs of service demand. For increased capacity, V8202I can be stacked and associated as a single managed network element as needed.

The V8202I is one of the SDN enabled family of products that adds native support for Netconf/Yang which enables the transparent integration with 3rd party SDN controllers.

Management System features and scalability

ZMS is a standards-based, carrier-class network management solution that provides management support for DZS multi-service networks. The ZMS client-server architecture uses proven industry standard components such as an application server framework and a relational database to provide a robust platform. ZMS automates complex, tedious and error-prone tasks, thereby raising productivity, improving accuracy and reducing costs for operators.

The MXK-F platform is fully integrated with our DZS ZMS Management system scales up to millions of subscribers and provides a full-featured management system including full FCAPS implementation (Fault, Configuration, Administration, Performance and Security).

ZMS integration with the backoffice systems allows for easily upgrades to more recent standards such as nefconf/yang for integration with 3rd party SDN controllers.

CPE Products Overview

Few vendors offer as many ONT options than DZS. More choices make it easier to deliver not only residential but also business services at an optimal price point.

Our CPE features include:

    • Flexible management and configuration: ONTs support management via OMCI (GPON only), INAS, Web GUI, CLI, TR-069/TR-143, and SNMP.
    • 5G enabled XGSPON CPEs
    • Specialty ONTs for enterprise, business, and industrial applications
    • WI-FI Access Points
    • Advanced Rogue ONU detection/protection
    • Legacy Voice/Data Support: Support for legacy TDM services such as POTS and T1/E1
    • Advanced bridge storm and bridge loop detection/protection

    DZS 5G/PON integrated Front/Backhaul solutions

    DZS experience in the past decade implementing 3G and 4G backhaul solutions over PON in leading Teir-1 operators in Japan and Korea gives us a unique hindsight with the direction of the 5G backhaul market needs. DZS introduced the C1216 Fronthaul switch at the end of 2019 which helps the operators bridge the gap between LTE and full-fledged 5G networks while taking advantage of the existing and upcoming PON networks for traffic backhaul.


More than 10000 units of C1216RO have been shipped and are in operation today, proving that DZS is a trusted and reliable partner in developing and providing high-performance Mobile products. These solutions require an end-to-end solution with an interface across multiple fronthaul and backhaul technologies by having the flexibility to accommodate the unique needs of a cell site, whether in small cells or macro cells. Ensuring flexibility, scalability, and operational simplicity, DZS mobile solutions enable operators to accelerate the delivery of mobile capacity, coverage, and QoS for the 5G era.

In addition to the C1216RO DZS has an extensive portfolio of 5G solutions (Front/mid/Backhaul) to offer to Telefonica do Brasil that have been deployed in leading Tier-1 operators around the world, implementing support for cutting edge technologies like:

  • TSN (Time-sensitive Networks)
  • Source Routing
  • MPLS
  • CPRI to eCPRI
  • Fully integrated Open RAN architecture vDU
  • Robust and flexible switching features to cover all 5G related services.
  • 5G in-building solutions

Support Services

The operation and maintenance of modern telecommunications networks is a complex task. A variety of network elements of different generations and configurations must be maintained. It is more critical than ever for broadband service providers to have 24/7 access to support resources for all network elements.

Therefore, DZS is dedicated to support their customers in maximizing the reliability and uptime of their networks. To ensure reliable and high-quality network operation, DZS offers the following services:

  • Local Technical Assistance Services (7 x 24)
  • Professional and Installation Services
  • Training Service
  • Local Hardware Repair and Return

Final Word

At DZS, helping customers migrate towards an open network environment has always been our mission and commitment. We understand that this is the only way for service providers to deploy and operate a cost optimized and flexible multi-vendor network environment. Therefore, like we have been doing for years, our company will continue developing and adapting solutions to help its customers achieve this goal.

We at DZS are looking forward to having the opportunity to bring value to NCTC members. For more information visit