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Managing the purchases of a wide array of technology solutions from multiple suppliers can be time-consuming and costly. That’s why NCTC provides our members with a one-stop shop for hardware, software, and services purchasing through our Group Purchasing organization. We collaborate with technology solutions partners to offer members competitive pricing on products ranging from fiber cable and CPE hardware to video solutions from top suppliers.

Rob Smith, VP, Group Purchasing, on the value of NCTC's GP organization

Our Key Categories

  • CPE Hardware: video, data, phone
  • Broadband infrastructure: CMTS, routers, caching servers
  • Distribution: actives (optics, amps, nodes) and passives
  • Cable: coax, fiber, conduit
  • Phone: VoIP, IVR, MVNO, cellular, switches, PBX, unified communications
  • Refurbished equipment
  • Test and Measurement: testing, monitoring, and analytics solutions
  • Headend video equipment
  • Supplies/Consumables: tools, safety equipment, drop materials, connectors, fittings, taps
  • General Business: marketing, finance, BSS/OSS, billing, reporting
  • Industry Services: authentication, training, provisioning, monitoring, workforce management
  • Consulting: engineering, operations, IT

Group Purchasing Member Benefits

  •     Cost Savings: Optimized cost structure, competitive rates and better terms for professional services, hardware & software.

  •     Time Management: We manage contracts, supplier relationships and communications, giving members time to focus on core business operations.

  •     Day-to-Day Content Support: NCTC's dedicated team members in programming operations and procurement manage major negotiations and run day-to-day business operations.

  •     Day-to-Day Technology Solutions and Equipment Support: Our team of experts can save you time and optimize resources by partnering with our supplier community to help meet your needs
  •     Cost Reduction: Our team negotiates and maintains technology solutions and equipment purchasing agreements with nearly 100 companies offering thousands of products for our members.

  •     Convenience: Members work with a single point of contact at the NCTC for purchases from multiple suppliers and for multiple products.

  •     Order Tracking: Members receive robust shipping details and order tracking from NCTC.

  •     Efficiency: By working with NCTC, members receive consolidated billing and payment.

  •     Supplier Standards: We hold partner suppliers to a developed set of service commitments and performance standards to meet our member expectations.

  • See our comprehensive service standards for all NCTC partner suppliers.


    Save Time and Focus on Growth

    Our Group Purchasing organization frees up your time so that you can focus on business growth. We create platforms and solutions that equip our members to deliver the best video and broadband experience to their customers. We extend the reach of our suppliers’ sales and marketing efforts, while providing operational efficiencies.

    Up to 83 Percent Average Savings with NCTC IP Transit
    Plume Stat
    16,400 Average Sales Orders a Year

    Best Prices for Our Members

    NCTC negotiates the best pricing and terms for technical equipment and services. Through our content agreements, technology solutions partnerships and broadband initiatives, we put our collective strength to use for member savings and resource optimization. We also offer discounts on B2B services and supplies.

    Relationships With Value

    NCTC welcomes new suppliers who offer innovative solutions and adapt to the fast-paced changes in our industry. If you are interested in establishing a relationship with NCTC and our member operators, please complete our prospective vendor questionnaire.