Broadband Solutions

Member Survey

NCTC needs your help!
Take the survey below to help us better understand your broadband needs and capabilities. This crucial information will be needed as we drive discussions with key carrier partners for broadband access and transport pricing.

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This survey will help us collect some key high-level broadband data points and gain a deeper understanding of your current broadband access and transport needs. It should take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Program Overview

NCTC is pleased to announce the Broadband Solutions - Access Program, a new initiative that aims to help members lower broadband access costs, improve capacity, redundancy and quality along with other key elements associated with broadband services.

Operators and carriers benefit from scale economics with NCTC’s large member base.

How it Works

  • Consolidates members' cumulative buying power to negotiate competitive rates
  • Members can purchase bandwidth via NCTC master agreements
  • One master agreement for all member operators

Our Approach

  • NCTC administers program, manages member and Carrier billing and payments
  • Members formally opt in after carrier selection
  • Member maintains technical relationship with Carrier

Power in Numbers


Broadband Subscribers

Homes Passed

Of All Homes in the USA

NCTC Broadband Focus

 Broadband is now the primary business driver for many of our members, so with that came the focus for the NCTC to provide its members with key programs designed to help members lower costs and improve capacity.

 We're setting the stage for the broadband-related services NCTC will look to provide in the near future.

Consumers’ Insatiable Appetites Driving Bandwidth Demands

Streaming Video
Double the current VoD traffic by 2022

Cord Cutting
72% higher internet traffic generated by cord-cutting households.

Smart Homes
13.4 devices per person by 2022.

Internet of Things
22 billion global IoT connections by 2025.

Our Roadmap

Broadband Transport - NCTC understands that broadband transport is a key component in overall cost of any member's broadband solution. Following the Access Program launch, NCTC will start to drive transport initiatives with members and carriers.

  • National RFP: NCTC will issue an RFP to the national and regional providers of transport, that many of our members already utilize. This effort will be driven in part by our looking at the survey data that we have requested above. As we collect this data, we will be able to better target the top priorities that we should go work with.
  • Member-supported transport: Data collected in the survey will be the start of our pulling members and their networks together, with the intent of helping our membership to provide transport services to each other.

Broadband peering and caching solutions  - Key components of the program that will be launched following the Access Program include NCTC-led efforts for enhanced peering and caching solutions.