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NCTC positions our members to succeed in the rapidly evolving pay-TV and broadband industry.


Our members are independent pay-TV and broadband providers working hard to serve customers in communities ranging in size from ten subscribers to over a million. NCTC helps them meet the competitive and technical challenges that define today's broadband and pay-TV landscape.

Join an organization that:

  • Connects you with advanced video solutions to offer your subscribers a modern, app-based payTV experience
  • Enables access to members-only pricing on digital marketing and lead generation services
  • Helps you control infrastructure costs with low members-only pricing on broadband facilities and services
  • Negotiates volume discounts on the services and content your customers want

Who Can Become a Member?

NCTC membership is only for companies operating a cable system. If you are a vendor, supplier, equipment manufacturer, consultant, financial institution, network programmer, media conglomerate, or anything other than a company that operates a cable system, please visit our Do Business With Us page to complete the prospective supplier application.

There is a $1500 application fee due at the time the completed application is submitted. NCTC will not begin the review until the application fee is received (please submit the fee to NCTC at 11200 Corporate Avenue, Lenexa, KS 66219).

Before you begin completing your membership application, please take a few minutes to click on each of the headers below, to learn more about our application review process, membership factors, costs, and other important details. Then, when you are ready to proceed, click the blue button to start your online membership application.

Membership Application

  • Complete Applications: In the event that an application is submitted with missing or incomplete information, NCTC will contact the Applicant to secure any additional information. Applicant will have 30 days to provide the additional information. If the Applicant fails to provide a response after 30 days, the Applicant’s application shall be closed and the application fee will be refunded.
  • Timeline: Please allow 30 business days for NCTC staff to review the application. Applicants will be notified via email and written correspondence (via USPS) of approval or denial.
  • Offer of Membership: If NCTC approves the Membership Application, it will notify Applicant via letter and e-mail and will provide the Applicant with a list of activation steps required to finalize membership. NCTC reserves the right to attach one or more conditions to any offer of membership. Applicants offered membership have 30 days to complete the activation steps required for membership or the membership file will be closed and the Applicant will have to apply for membership again, including the payment of all fees.
  • Acceptance of Membership:Membership shall be finalized upon completion of the activation steps described in Applicant’s approval letter. The membership fee is due at this time.
  • Denial: NCTC will notify Applicant in writing if its Membership Application is denied. Misstatements or noncompliance with requirements on the application are reasons for automatic denial.
  • Denial and Additional Conditions: NCTC reserves the right in NCTC’s sole discretion, to deny any application, to waive or modify any membership factor(s) and to provide an offer of membership with the best interests of the membership in mind. NCTC is not under obligation to provide a membership to any party.

  • NCTC compares your application to a set of criteria but NCTC reserves the right in its sole discretion to approve or not approve membership applications based on Applicant’s ability to satisfy various business considerations, including but not limited to an Applicant’s ability to demonstrate financial responsibility, technical ability, adequate facilities, the intention to serve the public in a manner that will reflect favorably upon NCTC and any additional factors NCTC deems advisable. Any pre-application discussions or agreements as to membership are preliminary and shall not be considered final.
  • Generally, NCTC is looking for applicants that can demonstrate the following:
    • meets the definition of cable system pursuant to federal statute
    • has the financial ability to pay invoices from programmers, hardware and service suppliers
    • has a management team with the documented experience to operate a cable system
    • possesses a commitment to the long-term sustainability of cable television through the development and implementation of new technology that will lead to the long term viability of the Applicant
    • possesses the technical ability to deliver quality programming to subscribers
    • possesses a sound infrastructure for delivering services or has a plan to do so
    • possesses adequate facilities and resources from which to provide services
    • has the ability to comply with the agreements for which a potential Applicant will participate, including ownership and control of the “last mile’
      • "last mile" refers to the final connection from the operator's node to the consumer (usually office or home)
    • has the intention to serve the public in a manner that will reflect favorably on the NCTC
    • has the ability to be a long term participant in the cable industry
    • has provided sufficient information to make a membership determination
    • and any other additional factor(s) as NCTC may deem advisable

  • NCTC’s Member Agreement and some master agreements require NCTC members to make certain contractual promises or representations including, but not limited to:
    1. maintaining confidentiality of NCTC master agreements;
    2. indemnification of NCTC, programmers and/or hardware suppliers;
    3. agreeing to limitation of liability and other damages;
    4. commitment to multi-year contractual terms for master agreements;
    5. governing law;
    6. and other various provisions.
  • Governmentally Owned Entity Applicants may be prohibited from making one or more such promises or representations under federal, state or local law. NCTC members that are Governmentally Owned Entities may therefore be required to either submit representation stating that their state law does not impede their participation or obtain and provide waivers or other addenda from programmers and/or hardware suppliers in a form acceptable to NCTC prior to seeking participation in a master agreement.
    • Governmentally Owned Entity members shall be responsible for any additional expenses incurred in obtaining the waivers. Governmentally-Owned applicants and/or members may be required to pay an additional regular fee as a condition of participating in an agreement for the purposes of moderating the risk to the enterprise.

  • An Application Fee of $1,500 is payable to National Cable Television Cooperative, Inc.
  • Applicants that are offered membership in NCTC will have their $1,500 Application Fee applied to the Initial Membership Fee.
  • The Initial Membership Fee shall be based on the expected number of homes passed in Applicant’s intended service area in the next two years (NCTC will calculate the fee based on information provided in the application and notify Applicant of the amount due) The fee is $1.00 per home in the intended service area with a minimum fee of $5,000 and a maximum fee of $100,000.
  • There are no additional fees are assessed on the programming invoices. NCTC charges our members the same rates the programmers charge NCTC.
  • NCTC is a not-for-profit company. Our efforts are supported by the float on monies paid to NCTC for programming—and to a much lesser extent for hardware. Consequently, NCTC charges a minimal 1% service fee on hardware invoices. The service fee is added to invoices in order to help support NCTC’s hardware operating costs. The fee has an annual per member cap of $7,500. Any member who orders $750,000 or more in any calendar year will pay no more than $7,500 in hardware service fees. The fee is added to all invoices, but may be waived on key strategic items as NCTC strives to secure the best prices for members. Outside of the 1% service fee, there is no mark-up on hardware, what you pay is what we pay the vendors. There is no hold back or commissions. 100% of the monies collected on hardware goes to the suppliers we work with.
  • There may be additional requirements for membership based on answers provided in the application. As a result, there may be other fees, dues, charges or costs associated with membership, participation, the Membership Application or the membership activation process, such as:
    • Any expenses incurred by NCTC, including legal expenses, shall be the responsibility of the Applicant. NCTC will provide a reasonable estimation of said expenses in the event they are necessary.
    • Pursuant to its bylaws, NCTC shall not admit a new member if any cable television system owned, operated or controlled by that member is a system for which any prior owner has unpaid or unresolved outstanding liabilities due NCTC, whether for programming, hardware, or otherwise. This limitation specifically prohibits the admission of a member owning, operating, or controlling any system for which any payment to NCTC has not been paid or resolved by any predecessor entity.
  • The NCTC bylaws provide provisions for NCTC to impose annual dues in accordance with such schedule as may be adopted by the Board of Directors or fees as may be determined by the President (Section 2.07). At the present time, NCTC is not imposing annual dues.

  • Confidentiality:All responses shall be considered confidential and will not be shared.
  • Application Changes:While NCTC tries not to make changes to the application often, NCTC reserves the right to change the application at any time. In the event there is a change to the application, Applicant shall be responsible for completing the most up to date application. NCTC will notify application with open application of any changes to the online application
  • Membership is No Guarantee of Access to Master Agreements:As each master agreement with programmers, hardware and/or service suppliers has its own participation requirements, an Applicant granted membership in the NCTC has no guarantee that it shall be permitted to participate in any master agreement, as the Member may not qualify to participate in one or more master agreements.
  • Time Limit to Participate:Within three hundred sixty-five (365) days after the effective date of the NCTC Member Agreement and for the remainder of the Agreement’s term, Member must participate in at least two (2) Master Agreements with programmers from the network family groups (currently A&E, Discovery, Disney/ESPN, Fox Cable Networks NCBUniversal, Scripps, Turner Networks and Viacom; subject to change and verification in the Offer of Membership letter) and at least one (1) other master programming agreement of the Member’s choosing; and make expenditures for hardware and other services (not including programming) through NCTC’s Technology Solutions department of at least $10.00 per subscriber during the first year of membership. The number of subscribers subject to the $10.00 per subscriber hardware purchase requirement will be taken from the application you submit and provided to you in the membership offer letter.
  • Conditional Acceptance:The grant of membership may be conditional on the Applicant satisfying or completing certain requirements or providing NCTC additional information.

Q: Does membership in the NCTC mean my cable system can automatically participate in all programming and hardware agreements with NCTC?
A: No. Each programming agreement is unique and a member may not qualify to participate in every programming agreement. Further, in certain circumstances, NCTC may prohibit a member from participating in an agreement in its sole discretion.
Q: My company is buying an existing NCTC member company (or cable system); will I have to go through the application process?
A: Pursuant to NCTC’s bylaws, NCTC membership is not assignable or transferable. Members are encouraged when selling their systems to contact NCTC as soon as possible so we can work with the acquiring entity. In any situation where there is a change of control or ownership of an NCTC member company or its cable systems, NCTC reserves the right to evaluate the membership eligibility of the acquiring or controlling entity.
Q: I was an NCTC member years ago and sold my systems. Can I reactivate my membership?
A: No. NCTC membership belongs to the legal operating entity engaged in providing services and is not transferable. If your company sold, shut down or otherwise quit participating under NCTC master agreements for any reason; your company’s membership was terminated. NCTC does not reactivate memberships and a new Membership Application will have to be completed along with payment of the necessary fees
Q: Can I use my membership to acquire programming and/or hardware for my subsidiary or affiliated cable systems?
A: Typically, a member may only provision programming and hardware for the member entity and those cable systems it directly owns and controls. A Member may not provision programming and hardware for a parent, sister company or other entity outside the Member’s control.
Q: Can another entity (i.e. a parent company, affiliate or other subsidiary company) pay for programming or hardware on behalf of the Member?
A: No. In order to meet the requirements in many of NCTC’s master agreements, all payments to NCTC for programming and/or hardware need to come directly from the Member and not a third party.
Q: What will NCTC do with any additional information collected from my company?
A: From time to time, NCTC may request information from members that can aid in negotiations with programmers or technology companies. This information is not shared with any outside company except in the aggregate (i.e.: 625 members expressed interest in launching a new network or members plan to purchase 1,500 CMTS units in the next 12 months, etc.) Member cooperation in providing this information is an important part of NCTC’s efforts to secure better pricing, terms and conditions for member companies.
Q: Will NCTC keep my materials confidential?
A: NCTC will share your information only with NCTC employees authorized to review the material consistent with NCTC’s Confidentiality Policy.