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From Puerto Rico to Alaska, you will find our members, independent cable providers working hard to serve customers in communities ranging in size from from 10 subscribers to over 1 million. While every member company is different, they all rely on us to help them face the ferocious competition and meet the technical challenges that define today's cable industry.

Would you like to join an organization that:

  • Leverages the buying power of 800 independent operators
  • Creates unique opportunities to collaborate with and learn from other members
  • Negotiates fiercely on your behalf for volume discounts on the programming your customers want
  • Leads you to new opportunities in the newest video platforms and services
  • Provides convenient aggregated billing and subscriber reporting

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From Fido TV to mega-conglomerates like Fox, Turner and Disney, content providers trust NCTC to strengthen and grow their affiliate relationships with our member operators.

From Arris to ZCorum, technology solutions and back office providers bring cutting-edge products and services to our members.

Would you like quick access to over 800 independent operators without having to visit 800 different cities? Or how about:

  • Streamlined negotiations
  • Exclusive marketing support
  • Aggregate invoicing and payments
  • Product or service listing on the NCTC website
  • Connect with potentially undiscovered business opportunities
  • Invitation to exclusive events, including the best shows in the industry
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